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How to know if you have cavities

Do you think you have cavities? Are you not sure to tell someone because you may not have cavities? There are some signs that may help you find out if you have cavities. However, only a health professional can tell you with certainty if you have cavities. In order not to damage your teeth or […]

The billing business for medical services

There is a large number of hospitals, ambulatory service centers, specialized clinics and laboratories with modern technology. The number of doctors who practice their profession on the Island is significant. Patients have private, governmental and federal health insurance. There are laws that promote good service and protect the rights of the people who receive or […]

How to interpret your hospital bill

If you have been in a hospital, you will receive a bill with a list of charges. Hospital bills can be complex and confusing. While it may seem difficult to do so, you should pay close attention to the bill and ask questions if you see something you do not understand. Here are some tips […]